This week, our theme is GRATITUDE. With GRATITUDE, you embrace humility. Your heart finds happiness and fulfillment in the things it already owns. Choose it with intention, count your blessings and stop focusing on what you don’t have, right here, right now.

Defining GRATITUDE and what GRATITUDE means to us.

Joshua Becker, editor of Becoming Minimalist & founder of The Hope Effect, motivates others to live more by owning less. In his web editorial, Becoming Minimalist, he communicates gratitude as a form of a simplified lifestyle – “A grateful heart is a contented heart. A contented heart is a simple heart. And a simple heart leads a simplified life.”

I found GRATITUDE this week by counting my blessings. When you practice appreciating the simple and wonderful things you already have in your life – the air you breathe, a roof over your head, supportive friends & family, your heart has the ability to change in great measure. -Janell, VP

With the week ending, let us reflect on GRATITUDE.