About Us

In 2015, The average suicide rate was 105 individuals per day.

105 Stories of Hope is a non-profit created out of our loss. Cheyenne Garza impacted the lives of our founding members in profound ways. She was deeply loved and left this world too quickly. However, her story continues to fuel hope for the future, which is why the 105 organization was born. To fight mental illness, spreading awareness is the first vital step. 105 Stories of Hope is Cheyenne’s legacy, and it’s ours. It’s a beacon of light for those who are suffering from depression.

Cheyenne Garza

Cheyenne Nicole Garza was born on December 31, 1990 at a military hospital in Ft. Old California- a New Years Eve baby. After delivery, her father was ordered by the head nurse to give Cheyenne her first bath then bring her to her mother. He did this ever so delicately. As she first heard her mothers voice, she arched her back and neck to turn toward that soft voice. Born with extremely long curly hair, she was the center of attention everywhere she went as a baby. She loved watching Disney movies with her mother and playing with her older brother. Strong church ties with the Charles family gave her a number of life long friends.

Her family later moved to San Diego, California after her father left the military and joined Homeland Security. In her elementary years, she made a practice of always befriending lonely kids and adding them to her group. She formed strong bonds and always loved her friends. Cheyenne developed a love for art early in life. Her brother introduced her to animation (Dragon Ball Z) then a trip to Comic Con convention started her love of Japanese Anime art. She loved drawing, music, martial arts, and watching anime cartoons. Her mother and her always had “dates” to do arts and crafts as well as watch girlie movies. Her father and her would climb up and lay on the roof of their home where they appreciated looking at the stars and identifying the constellation. She also enjoyed digging up the back yard pretending to look for lost treasures and developed a huge rock collection. She followed her older brother around and became friends with his best friends, (Steve and Daniel) the Vargas boys. One of her best memories of this time when her father and her would play hooky from work and skip school to go for a motorcycle ride for lunch and ice cream. Unbeknownst to her father, her mother would secretly do the same thing and take her out for ice and cream and taco bell.

Her father’s jobs took her from San Diego and Georgia where she attended a Christian school but promised that would never take on the southern accent. She then returned to Temecula, California for about a year and made some of her best friends in her life (Irene, Janell, Kamala, Mel, and Evan) and a large posse of her Temecula friends. She would treasure them greatly and they would stay connected all her life. During this time period, her passion for Tahitian and Hula dancing started.

After a return to Georgia, she met Shanna who made her Georgia experience memorable. She then moved with her family to the Washington D.C area. She loved DC’s art museums, the Cherry Blossom Festivals and going to the Shenandoah National Park where she learned to hike and navigate mountains. The love of photography started to develop and grow. Her Christian faith was also strengthened during this time. She dreamed of working as a photographer for National Geographic.

Finally in 2008, her family moved to Dallas. This brought her much closer to her extended families. She loved spending family time with the Garza and Cepeda families. She became very close to her grandparents, aunts, uncles and especially her cousins. She was very proud of her mixed Hispanic and Chamorro (Guam) heritage. In Dallas, she became part of a small circle of friends, (Maneya, Gargi, and Sam) whom she trusted and loved. She graduated high school and started her college education. In 2010, she began an internship within Homeland Security at the ICE Academy Dallas and loved working there. Her big brother relocated from California to Dallas and an opportunity to become and aunt to both Noah and Natalia Garza whom she loved greatly. She met Vincent Luciano and they started dating. Vincent would also become her close friend and trusted confidant. Cheyenne gave her life to Christ and was baptized in November 2010. She traveled back to DC for a short period of time to go to school but decided to return to Dallas when her family returned after a temporary assignment. She returned to school full time and was hired at LA Burger where she made new friends and loved training new employees. Her bosses Ben and John Lee treated her like family and saw her leadership potential. At LA burger, she met Darion, David, and Lauren. Lauren would also become one of her best friends.

Cheyenne attended both the Dallas First Church and then the Richardson Seventh Day Adventist Church. Here she joined the youth group and loved sharing her faith. Cheyenne tried to help as many people as she could – her faith was not only words but actions.

In Cheyenne’s words, “I am observant, kind, a fighter, a dancer, artistic, quiet, stubborn, willful, generous, adventurous, passionate, optimistic, playful, protective, understanding, patient, silly, active, creative, outgoing, simple, trustworthy, respectful, intelligent but mostly loving. “

We are all here celebrating your life Cheyenne. You are greatly loved and will always be missed. We will see you soon on that great day when Christ returns. We have HOPE. HOPE is our battle cry.