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Vincent S. Luciano

As the founder and President of 105, Vincent is on a mission to talk about the effects of depression and bring others out of isolation. Since losing Cheyenne, it fueled his passion to reach others who are also facing a dark time. While in high school, Vincent was faced with his own symptoms of depression which worsened in College and led to depression, suicidal thoughts, and acted on suicidal ideation. Confused by the changes in his behavior, he sought a diagnosis which has pointed him toward recovery. He’s found his purpose through the support of family and friends, and through his relationship with Cheyenne. It’s now his life’s mission to create conversation and a path that others might follow as they seek healing, purpose, and well-being for their own life.

Janell Lammatao
Vice President

Janell’s role as Vice President and founding member is to get the word out on 105’s mission and goals. She does this through research, event coordination, and management of the organization’s website, social media, branding, and design. Most of all it’s her desire to share Cheyenne’s story so that others who struggle with depression will know they aren’t alone. Compassion is the language of her heart, and she hopes to create a support system for those who are suffering or feel unheard. When she’s not working as a professional designer, Janell creates balance with plenty of yoga, hiking, running and adventuring to new locations on the weekend.

Stephanie Sarmiento
Director of Program Development

Stephanie’s professional background as a program supervisor in behavioral therapy has given her a passion to help others overcome obstacles and change their life. As the Director of Program Development for 105 Stories of Hope, she’s able to seamlessly translate her therapy knowledge for the benefit of those struggling with depression. Her specialized role includes creating curriculums, talking points and speaking series for events and community groups that allows participants to get real about what they are going through. Stephanie is completing her graduate degree in clinical psychology at Pepperdine University. She regularly practices yoga and is a certified yoga instructor and Studio Assistant at CorePower Yoga. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, a good book, and playing with her Yorkie pup!

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