Daniel’s Story

Daniel K.

What does depression look like for you?

It’s very much like an overbearing mother or father, constantly questioning and degrading every action you take. But with that, it reminds us of how life is and what it can be.

Have you been touched, or do you know someone who has been touched, by depression or other mental disorder?

I pertain to both sides of this question. I have seen depression in my friends and I, myself have depression.

Your meaningful message you would say to someone who is currently going through depression or other mental disorder:

I am not going to say, “hey things will get better, you’ll be cured of depression,” because it is not like that. Depression is not something that can be cured, rather it is something we have to learn to accept and allow it to become a part of our lives. For me, to battle depression is to accept it for what it is and continue to live. In my opinion, society places this stigma that depression equates to something wrong with you and you need to change that. However, it is the opposite. If you have depression, there is nothing wrong with you, you are just an individual who embraces life for what it is and what it can be.

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