Janell’s Story

Janell L.

What does depression look like for you?

It is a monster that controls your life by telling you you’re a burden and that you’re weak if you try to express your emotions or ask for help. Depression to me is not being able to find happiness in most things, especially the things you’re most passionate about. It also comes in many different facades, so you can never tell who’s going through it.

Have you been touched, or do you know someone who has been touched, by depression or other mental disorder?

Yes. It’s inspiring to see my friends and colleagues who fight through it manage it in different positive ways.

Your meaningful message you would say to someone who is currently going through depression or other mental disorder:

Self-care, always. There’s no shame in putting yourself first and getting help. Know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, a support system, friends and family who care deeply about you. You are here for a reason, and it’s to experience and share life’s beautiful gifts with yourself and others. I am here for you. 105 Stories of Hope is here for you.

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