Manpreet’s Story

Manpreet K.

What does depression look like for you?

Depression manifests itself when your thoughts control you and you are no longer in control of your thoughts. Sleep is an escape and it seems like keeping everyone else happy is more important than keeping yourself happy. There seems to be a void deep inside your soul where nothing is fine and thats where you seem to have lost yourself. There is no motivation to save yourself from this reoccurring feeling of being trapped within your own thoughts of self-loathing.

Have you been touched, or do you know someone who has been touched, by depression or other mental disorder?

Yes, I have experienced depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive compulsive disorder throughout my life in different phases. In my opinion, there is a spectrum of levels of feeling anxiety or depression. There is never a black and white answer to explain what you feel while you are in that head space.

Your meaningful message you would say to someone who is currently going through depression or other mental disorder:

The bravest thing you do everyday is continue to live when you may not have the will power to do so. You have to forgive yourself everyday. Know that you are strong enough to conquer your inner demons in the battle you face against yourself. I know this is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to experience, but don’t give up. Don’t let this darkness steal the beautiful person you are. You are never a burden, you are enough, and you are always worth it. All the universe expects of you is to do what you can do right now and no more than that. No one can pretend to imagine what you are going through, but know that you are not alone, you are cared for, and most importantly, you are loved.

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