MaryGrace’s Story

Marygrace F.

Have you been touched, or do you know someone who has been touched by depression or other mental disorder? If so, share your brief story here. 

I, and so many family members and friends have been touched by depression and other mental disorders. I realized I had depression after I gave birth to my beautiful first son. I got over it with the support from my friends and especially my family and day by day telling myself that I can get through it.

Please include your personal message you would say to someone who is currently going through depression or other mental disorder. 

Talk to yourself and you listen. Say, “This is so hard, but I am able to identify and can feel this is wrong to me. You will get through this as cliche as it sounds. Keep busy. You’re doing great.” That’s what I said to myself to every moment I had a depressing thought.

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